Multiple Lenses

People see things in different ways. Even individuals have their own perspective due to their experiences. Take any object and have many people describe it and you will receive different answers.

This is concept is similar to applying themes to so-called Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), so prevalent today and mostly useless. Themes are applied with: mobile phones, email (such as Google Mail), Operating Systems, etc.

What if you could switch that around and have completely different interfaces, instead of themes, to the same information?

Case in point. Check out Henri Derudder's portfolio.

First of all he uses one of the most fundamental questions on the Internet, asking which language you would like to view the site. Most web sites are under the assumption that the whole world speaks one language.

Once you have chosen a language, the site loads and presents you with a modifiable interface. Loading with thumbnails of the work done.

Additional interfaces can be selected in the top left including: thumbnails, circular, chronology. Each one presents the information (Mr. Derudder's portfolio) in a different manner.

On top of that, each interface can be filtered with the category of work.

Brilliant. The first time I saw the site, I was amazed and spent a bit too much time than I should have. Probably one of the best uses of interface design presently on the Internet.

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